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Ag aviation is a rewarding career that requires skill and precision in more than just flight! Learn about spray systems, application techniques and more in our agriculture aviation course! Go from zero time to ag aviator in 6 months!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must reach a level of proficiency in the aircraft before an instructor will endorse you.

No, but we HIGHLY recommend it.  Some weather systems can develop quickly.

No.  In fact, you will have to acquire a commercial applicator’s license for each state in which you plan to work.  Some states require written exams, and some do not.

Absolutely!  You must obtain an Ag endorsement before operating an Ag plane.

As long as you meet the requirements for that state.  For example Louisiana requires: 

  • Successful completion of the State Applicator’s class and its three exams
  • Commercial Applicator’s Certificate for the pilot
  • Commercial Applicator’s Certificate for the plane

The State Applicator’s class will prepare you by teaching you the crops, the diseases, and the chemicals used to treat each.

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