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Dave McGee

Owner & Flight Instructor

After spending many of his years growing up around planes, David decided to pursue a career in aviation and graduated from NLU with a Bachelor’s in Aviation Business. He then went on to become an Air Force mechanic. His first professional job as a pilot was running a freight operation on a multi-engine craft in Alaska. He describes the Alaskan flight terrain as an “aviation playground.” After his experiences in Alaska, David became an Ameristar Jet Charter pilot where he got two type ratings with jet experience. David then turned to a career in crop dusting for 14 years, establishing DaveAir in January of 2006.


  • CFI – Certified Flight Instructor

  • ATP – Airline Transport Pilot
  • Part 137 Operator

Tom Kupferer

Flight Instructor

Tom has been instructing continuously since 1971 and holds a Commercial Pilot certificate and a CFII.


  • CFII – Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument
  • CPL – Commercial Pilot

Jerrica Bennett

Flight Instructor

Jerrica received her pilot training from ATP Flight School at locations in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Arlington, Texas, completing the Airline Career Pilot Program successfully with no failures. She is a Monroe native who grew up watching airplanes coming into land over the Pecanland Mall parking lot in awe. Now she gets to be one of those airplanes coming into land, and even better, she gets to teach other aspiring pilots to do the same.

Whether you are looking to begin your aviation career with a Private Pilot License, double your engines with a Multiengine Add-on certificate, or improve your piloting skills with an Instrument Rating, Jerrica can help. She has her Commercial Pilot License in ASEL and AMEL, and she has a CFI, CFII, and MEI. Her favorite airplane is the C-5 Galaxy.


  • CFII – Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument
  • MEI – Multi Engine Instructor

  • CPL – Commercial Pilot

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We have answers!

According to the FAA, in order to first solo a single-engine aircraft, you must be 16 years of age.  In order to sit for your private pilot check ride with a FAA-certified Designated Pilot Examiner, you must be 17 years old.  

We do!  We have high wings (Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 182) and tailwheel airplanes (Piper PA-12) available to rent. Give us a call to reserve a plane!

These terms refer to whether the cost of the fuel is included in the cost per hour of the plane.  For instance, $200/hour dry, would mean you pay a per hour rate of $200 for the plane and then the cost of the fuel would be an additional charge.

As little or as much as you want!  One thing you really shouldn’t be without is a student logbook.  This keeps up with all of your cumulative flight hours, what was taught during the lesson and, of course, eventual endorsements from your instructors.  These can be purchased as part of our Gleim Student Pilot Kits or purchased from numerous sources online. 

It depends on the airplane! Check out our pricing page for details!

A Discovery Flight is a wonderful way to introduce new students to aviation!  These flights include a full, 30-minute lesson with one of our experienced flight instructors where you take the controls and fly the plane!  Of course, our instructors have their hands and feet on the controls, as well, so your safety is insured.

The cost per lesson will vary depending on how much time you are actually flying the plane or receiving ground instruction. It also depends on whether you’re flying solo or with an instructor, and which airplane you’re flying.  Check out our pricing page for more information!

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