Simple Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple! We charge hourly rates for our private pilot, commercial pilot and agriculture aviation programs.


  • Ground and Flight Time
  • +$10/hr for IR & tailwheel

Cessna 152

  • Fuel Included
  • PPL, IR, CPL

Cessna 172

  • Fuel Included
  • PPL, IR, CPL

Piper PA-12

  • Fuel Included
  • Tailwheel

Ag Cat

  • Fuel Included
  • Agriculture

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Average Cost

Here’s what you can expect to pay, on average, for our various courses assuming you have zero experience. Have questions? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process, step by step!

Private Pilot

  • 40 hrs Flight Time
  • 2 Months

Commercial Pilot

  • 250 hrs Flight Time
  • 6 Months

Ag Pilot

  • 250 hrs Flight Time
  • 6 Months

Tailwheel Endorsement

  • 3 hrs Flight Time
  • 3 Days

Instrument Rating

  • 125 hrs Flight Time
  • 3 Months

Other Costs

In addition to an instructor and an airplane, you’ll need a few other items along the way.

Purchase your FAA online test prep course for just $70. Call or text us at (318) 381-9392 to get an access code!

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